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After working for over 20 years at a large New York brokerage house, Martin Nelson Sr. decided that he could do a better job for his clients by starting a Northwest based investment firm.  In May, 1954, he and Mel Scoville started Nelson, Scoville & Co in downtown Seattle.  A year later, Martin Nelson bought out Scoville to form Martin Nelson & Co., Inc. (MNCO).  As an independent regional broker/dealer, MNCO has been serving local municipalities, businesses and investors with the highest degree of professional and personal service.

In 1970, Martin Nelson Jr. joined the firm; he took over as president in 1982.  Under his guidance and after almost 50 years in downtown Seattle, MNCO purchased a building in the South Lake Union area and moved the firm to its current location of 1500 Westlake Ave N in 2002.

Since the formation of the company in 1954, there has been a steady growth in the stock market.  Our clients’ wealth and financial rewards, for the most part, have come from buying carefully researched investments and exercising the patience necessary for those ideas to develop.  We will continue to work hard for our clients.

« For a unique glimpse into the firms past, take a look at a Seattle PI article from 1977.


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